Walford Home Farmhouse Decorative Wastebasket

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12 wastebaskets shipped with retail-ready barcode

Size: 12" tall by 10" top diameter


Enhance the look of the bathroom or bedroom with the farmhouse appeal plus the rustic style and character of this 3-gallon wastebasket. Keep spaces tidy with the charming vintage feel of the Walford Home trash can. The decorative bucket-style garbage can uses standard 4 gallon bags and has a comfortable wooden handgrip for easy handling.  

The size and versatility of this waste can make it a staple for every home. Decorate with potted plants or floral arrangements, or use it to hold, organize, and store items around the house (magazines, kindling, toys, recycling).

Use this wastebasket on its own or combined with other products from Walford Home's farmhouse-style galvanized product collection.

 Flowers and other items not included


The wastebasket is made of .27mm gauge steel with a galvanized finish. It measures 12.0(height) x 10.0(top diameter) x 6.77(bottom diameter) inches, and weighs 1.25 lb. Each decorative wastebasket has an attached handle and sturdy wooden grip for ease of use.

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