Decorative Farmhouse Galvanized Flower Pot Set w/ Tray (3 pots) by Walford Home



Bring farmhouse appeal with rustic style and character to the home or garden with the Walford Home Pot & Tray Set. Intended for both indoor and outdoor use, one can create a flourishing herb or succulent garden in the kitchen or on a windowsill, porch, or patio. The pots are designed with drain holes to prevent over watering and protect sensitive roots from rot and fungus.

The multifunctional set can be used for storage/organization in the kitchen (e.g., coffee pods), hallway (e.g., keys, phones) or bath (e.g., cosmetics, cotton balls). It may also be used as a serving tray. Note: Food should be individually wrapped or the pots lined with food safe material. With its charming vintage feel, it makes a lovely gift when themed for a housewarming or special occasion.

Constructed with dual-point connected handles for durability, it is easy to move between rooms – going from house to porch, patio and garden. Premium protective pads protect surfaces from scratches.

Flowers and other items not included 


The Walford Home Pot & Tray Set includes three pots plus tray with durable 4-point connected handles and quality protective pads on the underside of the tray. Made of heavy gauge .27mm steel with a galvanized finish. Tray with handle: 15.6in wide x 2in high x 3.9in deep. (Tray base: 12.9in wide x 1.4in high x 3.9in deep) Pots: 4.1in high, 4.1in wide top, 3.4in wide bottom. Set weight: 1.05lb.

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