Walford Home Square Farmhouse Kitchen Table Storage Tray

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This square tray/caddy is a versatile storage organizer - large enough (8.5 x 8.5 inches) to accommodate multiple items. Use it to consolidate phone accessories, cosmetics, or craft supplies, keeping spaces tidy and organized. It can also be used as a sectional serving tray. Note: Food should be individually wrapped or the compartments lined with food safe material.

The design and galvanized metal finish of the Walford Home square storage tray give it farmhouse appeal and character. The multi-purpose design and charming vintage feel of the tray make this a staple for any home.  Constructed with dual-point connected handles for durability, it is easy to move between rooms – going from house to patio/deck and beyond. The premium padded base is designed to protect surfaces.

Makes a lovely gift when themed for a housewarming or special occasion.

Craft and other items not included


The Walford Home Square Storage Tray is made of heavy gauge .27mm steel with a galvanized finish plus premium padded protection on the underside. Measurement: Tray with Handles: 11.7(L) x 8.25(W) x 3.6(H) in. Tray without handles: 8.25(L) x 8.25(W) x 3.6(H) in. Weight: 1.06 lb.

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