Walford Home Farmhouse Decor Kitchen Utensil Holder

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White Kitchen Utensil Holder
Black Kitchen Utensil Holder
Red Kitchen Utensil Holder
Teal Kitchen Utensil Holder
Cobalt Kitchen Utensil Holder

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Units of single color shipped in retail-ready packaging 


The Walford Home Utensil Holder is a decorative and convenient solution for overflowing kitchen drawers and clutter. The large size and weight provide ample stability to keep kitchen tools within an arm's reach.

Evoke a charming vintage feel in the kitchen with this utensil holder while keeping spaces tidy and organized. Available in five distinctive colors, the utensil crock balances farmhouse appeal with rustic style and character. A staple for every home, blending with the decor of any kitchen and making a lovely gift.

Easy to clean and maintain with a rust-resistant finish and a premium padded base to protect countertops.

 Utensils and other items not included


The Walford Home Utensil Holder measures 5.3 in wide 6.7 in tall. Rust resistant, and easy to clean. Premium rolled lip with a sturdy stainless-steel rim. Made from heavy gauge .5mm steel. 2mm thick protective padded base to protect surfaces.


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